Help available 24 hours a day

I have seen Deborah Bickel create a home care situation from the moment she encountered an elderly ex-patriot, English-only patient in the hospital after she was called in by a concerned community member. She contacted the family and found out their wishes, and assured them that someone would be with their father around-the-clock until the patient was able to care for himself.

When she arrived at the hospital he was severely confused and the Attending doctor spoke no English. She contacted the family in the United States and she organized immediate care in the hospital and after discharge personally accompanying him in the ambulance to home. She then organized home visits and around-the-clock care provided by an excellent team of bi-lingual Mexican nurses, doctors and other care-providers until the family could arrive from the United States. She arranged for non-nursing staff to provide food and ensure safety. Deborah made herself, and high-level physician care, available 24 hours a day, until the family arrived. Having Deborah available to us means that, before our family reaches us, we can get excellent and compassionate care.