Our Services

Our Services

Our role is to help you receive the best health care possible on both sides of the border.

NEW: As of June 2023, we are partnering with Discovering Deep Wellness group to help treat depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, end of life issues, grief, and chronic pain using some “new” and some very old  medicines. 

Medical Care

We do not practice medicine but can help you find the best medical care available in the area and assist you in making an appointment. We have connections to excellent physicians and other care providers. Our understanding of their specialties and available technologies will be important in ensuring that you receive the best possible care.

In Home Nursing Care

We organize and supervise home health services with a well-trained team of nurses, home health providers, respiratory therapists, and other professionals. Our knowledgeable staff can locate and procure home health equipment such as beds, oxygen, toilet facilities, etc. A care team can be arranged for within 12 to 24 hours. Costs for services are reasonable, based on fair labor practices.


We help you prepare for health emergencies, and ensure that family and household help know what to do in an emergency situation. When you need urgent care or hospitalization in Mexico, we can:
• Meet you at the care facility
• Help with the admission process
• Remain at your bedside at key times
• Assist with discharge planning
• Provide post-operative medication advice


We can research your diagnosis and treatment, to ensure fairness and accuracy of billing by medical providers and hospitals. We can help you decide what medical insurance best fits your needs.


We provide health and medical education on the management of acute events, chronic conditions, and wellness care.

Care Abroad

We help you determine if you can safely receive care locally or need to seek care elsewhere.


We help with meetings with your health care provider, reviewing your medical history so that your health concerns can be communicated fully and clearly.

Advanced Medical Directives

We help with advance directives and end of life decisions. As a designated patient advocate for legal advanced directives, we can assist in communication with concerned family members, friends, and community. Click here to find out more…


Our excellent bilingual assistants can translate documents for use by clinicians on both sides of the border.

Mediating Communication

Often it is confusing for family members when one is injured or ill in Mexico. We are experienced at helping loved ones make appropriate and helpful decisions.


Understanding your medication is vital to your overall health. We help you recognize and avoid potential side effects and drug interactions while simplifying your medication schedule.


We are happy to arrange for transportation to and from your medical visits.