The Best!

I’d put myself in Deborah’s hands if it relates to health related issues in SMA

She’s the best!!

Ken Schleife

A great asset!

Deborah Bickel was a great asset…she stepped into the breach with great advice and on the scene presence.

John Hunger

Always on our side

To Deborah Bickel, advocacy means working on behalf of the patient, not the doctor or facility. Be Well”s top priority is to make sure that each member’s desires are understood and laid out clearly and legally so that, if necessary, there is no confusion about what services to provide when called into action. 

Be Well helps us find the best medical care available in the area, helps us and our emergency contacts know what to do in case of an emergency, provides oversight to our health care if needed, and helps coordinate home health care if necessary. This can mean arranging for beds, oxygen, nurses, and other medical specialists. 

Working closely with Dr. Emilio Ramirez, an emergency room physician and specialist, and the new Director of Joya Hospital, Deborah and her team have the depth of knowledge and skill to handle all levels of medical emergencies. 

Laurie Lawson

I can’t thank you enough

Thank you, for your newsletter on emergency preparedness last week.  It was a serious dose of reality, and the messages are important.  I can’t thank you enough.

Robert Verbrugge

Deborah is a blessing

Deborah’s talk at St. Paul’s made me choose her as my care manager. I also have some friends without adult children who will need a care manager in the future. Most of these children know nothing about healthcare in SMA and will need a care manager to advise. Having a savvy and qualified person like Deborah in our community is a blessing.


Deborah is an amazing advocate!

I have had health challenges from long covid, etc. since February. Fatigue, vertigo and overall weakness. With the guidance and directions to medical professionals and alternative treatments, I have improved significantly after a month of working with Be Well San Miguel, Deborah Bickel. There are so many services they offer. Next is to put into place the Advanced Directive. The one you have in the USA doesn’t work here in Mexico. Deborah is an amazing advocate with extensive knowledge of the medical system. I am so grateful that she was recommended to me by dear friends here in San Miguel.

San Miguel Expat

Be Well Staff was incredible

I had to take a friend to the hospital and called Be Well San Miguel to walk me through the process. Be Well Staff was incredible. A member came to the friend’s house, called the ambulance and we took him to UNIMED. Be Well has stayed on top of this situation and I can’t say enough good things about them. If ever you are in a medical situation and need help, I would highly recommend Deborah Bickel and Be Well.


Help available 24 hours a day

I have seen Deborah Bickel create a home care situation from the moment she encountered an elderly ex-patriot, English-only patient in the hospital after she was called in by a concerned community member. She contacted the family and found out their wishes, and assured them that someone would be with their father around-the-clock until the patient was able to care for himself.

When she arrived at the hospital he was severely confused and the Attending doctor spoke no English. She contacted the family in the United States and she organized immediate care in the hospital and after discharge personally accompanying him in the ambulance to home. She then organized home visits and around-the-clock care provided by an excellent team of bi-lingual Mexican nurses, doctors and other care-providers until the family could arrive from the United States. She arranged for non-nursing staff to provide food and ensure safety. Deborah made herself, and high-level physician care, available 24 hours a day, until the family arrived. Having Deborah available to us means that, before our family reaches us, we can get excellent and compassionate care.

San Miguel Resident

So amazed and impressed!

I had the opportunity to see how Deborah Bickel works..and believe me, she is in a league of her own. I was so amazed and impressed how she handles herself. Her professionalism and her compassion are rare. As said by others, SMA is so lucky to have her. There is nobody in town whom I would recommend more highly!

Jackie Brummund

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