I had the opportunity to see how Deborah Bickel works..and believe me, she is in a league of her own. I was so amazed and impressed how she handles herself. Her professionalism and her compassion are rare. As said by others, SMA is so lucky to have her. There is nobody in town whom I would recommend more highly!

- Jackie Brummund -

I had to take a friend to the hospital and called Be Well San Miguel to walk me through the process. Sue Leonard was incredible. She came to the friend’s house, called the ambulance and we took him to UNIMED. Sue has stayed on top of this situation and I can’t say enough good things about her. She is a wise and very compassionate person who knows her way around health care. If ever you are in a medical situation and need help, I would highly recommend Deborah Bickel and Sue Leonard.

- Louise -

Deborah’s talk at St. Paul’s made me choose her as my care manager. I also have some friends without adult children who will need a care manager in the future. Most of these children know nothing about healthcare in SMA and will need a care manager to advise. Having a savvy and qualified person like Deborah in our community is a blessing.

- Ellie -

Deborah Bickel was a great asset…she stepped into the breach with great advice and on the scene presence.

- John Hunger -

Deborah, it was a delight to meet you, and what an amazing service you offer!
Best to you!

- Christine -

Nothing quite like the awareness that you are in serious trouble at 1 AM on New Year’s Eve! After a failed attempt to get care at the hospital, Sue Leonard with Be Well San Miguel met me back at the hospital the next day. Sue stayed with me and advocated for me to get the care I needed until surgery was scheduled. She was with me for the next few days, either by phone or in person and answered my many questions. Yes, I would have stumbled my way through this shocking life event, alone, defensive and in so much pain, but having Sue Leonard in my corner, smoothing the path ahead for me, gave me great comfort.

- Victoria Schneider -

Recently I was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. Sue Leonard, with Be Well San Miguel, helped me cope with it by attending appointments with a cardiologist with me, answering my emails with questions about my new medications, exercise, and myriad other things. Sue provided timely support when I needed it. Her solid medical knowledge and experience gave me confidence to deal with the physical and psychological adjustments necessary. With Sue’s help, I could relax and know that I was in charge. She is warm, encouraging, and there when I needed her.

- Susan Deveaux -