Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Emilio Ramirez

Dr. Emilio Ramirez is a specialist and board-certified emergency physician with more than 22 years of experience in emergency rooms, 17 of those years in private medicine working as an ER physician in an American hospital in Puerto Vallarta (Amerimed), and as the chairman of Emergency Services in the IMSS hospital in Puerto Vallarta.

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A very popular doctor and excellent colleague,  Dr. Emilio is a welcome addition to our team. As an Emergency Physician, he is committed to ensuring that an ER physician is available at all times at MAC Hospital because, as everyone knows, in an emergency.


Emergency Medicine is one of the most complete and critical medical specialties because it is the only one that needs to know how to manage an acute  crisis across all medical disciplines. To adequately prepare for this challenge the training and skills of an ER physician are much broader and deeper than for other specialty physicians.

Some of the most critical situations it covers are stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attack, GI bleeding, trauma (all varieties – car accidents, gunshots, stab wounds, fractures, head trauma, etc), uncontrolled hypertension, complications related to diabetes, respiratory failure, coma and shock  among many others.

The Be Well Team have worked with him for five years now and have developed a deep respect for his medical knowledge, his ability to recruit the finest specialists, and his commitment to the oversight of each and every Be Well patient.

We were delighted when he agreed to join our team as he has been the glue that has kept us assured that our patients were getting the very best care. We consult him or a specialist referred by him on all our patients when they are sick or injured. We have not had a single case in these five years of a complaint about his treatment of our patients nor the courtesy he shows everyone from fellow physicians to the other Be Well Staff and most especially his patients. If you get to know him very well you will find he has a great sense of humor and endless energy for being a fine physician.

Mobile Phone : +52 (322) 109 1414

Deborah Bickel

As the founder of Be Well San Miguel, I use my knowledge and experience as an international health worker to ensure that the needs of each one of our clients is met with utmost professionalism, compassion, and confidentiality.

I am a graduate of the Stanford University Physician Assistant program and hold a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley. I have lived and worked in many countries including the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Nicaragua, Zambia and Mozambique.

I moved to San Miguel in March of 2014 and am delighted to call this community my home. Previously, I practiced medicine in a busy inner city clinic for nine years while teaching medicine at Stanford. I also did post graduate work in nutrition at the Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. I am fluent in Spanish and have practiced medicine in the United States, Mexico and Guatemala.

Now, after nearly 10 years working in the San Miguel community as a  patient advocate, my mission continues to be giving clients a voice, to understand their needs and provide valuable information to help them make informed decisions.

I have a particular interest in geriatrics and helping people choose the highest quality of living even when that may mean shortening our span of years but vastly improving our experiences moment by moment.

Phone : +52 (415) 115-7815
Email : deborah@bewellsanmiguel.com


Monique Thomas RN

Monique is a new addition to the team. She is a dedicated and highly skilled case manager and registered nurse trained and licensed in the United States. She has over 20 years of patient care experience including  management of complex patients with multisystem illnesses, geriatric and hospice care services , home and public health nursing experience including provision of care within the US prison system.