Some Very Good News!

Some Very Good News On Local Medical Care In San Miguel De Allende 

 Be Well would like to congratulate Dr. Emilio Ramirez on his recent appointment as Director of Joya Hospital San Miguel. Those of you who have been here since his arrival from a similar position in Puerto Vallarta  will remember him as the first director of UNIMED Hospital. For the  years under his leadership, San Miguel enjoyed some of the highest quality local medical care available anywhere in the world including board certified critical care or emergency physicians 24/7, local treatment of strokes and emergency cardiac events along with complex trauma. 

As Director of Joya Hospital he is committed to bringing the high caliber services to San Miguel again. In the next few days the CEII laboratory owned by the Joya group will once again have an MRI. Dr. Ramirez is actively recruiting high caliber emergency and critical care specialists to staff the emergency room. He will continue to be a partner with Be Well San Miguel and will be seeing patients at his offices in La Joya.